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ARC Rallies and Marches

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Saturday, June 12th are two events. Join ARC members. Wear your Millbrae ARC or your Millbrae Black Lives Matter t-shirt. Don't have one? Email us and we will drop one off! Millbrae

  1. Meet Millbrae's New Chief of Police, Christine Corpus on 6/12 at 9am. Starbucks in Millbrae Square.

  2. Join Coalition Z, Raging Grannies and other groups. March with ARC at the March for Black and Brown Lives in Redwood City. 6/12 at 11am. Courthouse Square, 2200 Broadway.

June 11, 2021 · joined the group.

June 13, 2020, ARC was born as community members came together, planned, and organized a city-approved march, protest rally and vigil for Black Lives Matter. In 2021, we will have an anniversary march. TBC on Juneteenth (June 19, 2021) to reaffirm our commitment to antiraism as a community and our conviction that Black Lives Matter. Do you like to help organize? Are you interested in public speaking? Getting to know the community and our elected officials? Join us!


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