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"Racism in America is like dust in the air. It seems invisible - until you let the sun in. Then you see it everywhere. As long as we keep shining that light, we have a chance of cleaning it." -- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Like many communities throughout the United States, Millbrae residents were struck with anger, disbelief, and the dire need to change in light of the murder of George Floyd in the early summer of 2020.  Community members who had never met organized a 200+ person march, demanding policy changes and the respect of every human by highlighting the centuries of injustice towards Black people in this country.

Our grassroots community-based social justice organization has since grown to 100+ active members and supporters.  Despite our differences, we are committed to a more socially just, anti-racist Millbrae, beginning with ourselves and reaching out to every member of small city.  

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Mission & Vision Statements


Our mission Is to lead the city Of Millbrae in creating a socially equitable society.



A world where all human beings have the same access to resources, education, and safety, regardless of their race, religion, or social standing.

About: What We Do



Raise antiracist awareness and understanding

Abolish racism and intolerance

Inspire united community action that secures freedom, justice, and economic equity for Black, Indigenous, and all people of color.

Strengthen our community through art, education, and collective experiences.

Empower our diverse Millbrae community to create enduring anti-racist policies.

About: Who We Are
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