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Neighbors in Millbrae Come Together - Districting gone Awry

Con mi gente. Por mi gente. (With my people. For my people.)

Mi gente in Spanish literally means "my people." It is a term which goes deeper than blood. It connotes belonging, a togetherness, and "I got back your back," attitude. There is an unspoken strength in the power of this bond.

The Millbrae Anti-Racist Coalition (ARC) came together a little over a year ago. Just like so many people in our nation, something sparked outrage in us over the murder of George Floyd. Since then we have come together to learn, to protest, to listen together.

We knew our fight was for the long haul. Many of our supporters and steering committee members have been entangled with the Millbrae City Council over their inability to really listen to community voices over the city's districting efforts.

Despite our differences, the color of our skin, or how much money we have, we are resolute in our desire to effect positive change.

Although the city has decided on Map G, we will continue to show support for a united East of El Camino Real neighborhood. Help us by adding your name to the petition.

If you are unfamiliar with the Millbrae districting effort, here are some resources and articles to get you caught up:

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